Uttorayon Phase II

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Design Philosophy

The highrise apartments are designed as a block with 6 apartments to a floor. Care has been taken to provide individual identity to each apartment at its entry. Four of the six apartments command views of the open space east of the township, and two of the central green space.

Sweeping views of open areas...

Located in an area of almost 10 acres at the entry to the 400 acre township, it is beautifully laid out to maximise the benefits of this prestigious site. The site commands sweeping views of the open area adjacent to the township and the layout fully exploits this potential to provide uninterrupted vistas to maximum number of apartments.

Highrising towers with stupendous views...

The apartments are arranged in magnificent highrise blocks of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments with stupendous views. A total of over 500 apartments and over 7,00,000 sqft of area are to be constructed here.

Confluence of Nature and human habitation...

The buildings occupy 20% of the site area with 80% dedicated to landscape. The natural topography of the land has been advantageously utilised to create rolling greens of large dimensions to cater to the recreational and social needs of the residents.

Abundance of fresh air and sunlight

The layout has been meticulously designed using state of art software to precisely predict solar paths and wind flows. It ensures that there is every apartment receives direct sunlight in the winter months, adequate shading in summer and free flow of fresh breeze. Full earthquake protection for the earthquake sensitive Siliguri zone has also been ensured.

Adequate scope for social interaction

Apart from the green lung spaces, there is a multipurpose hall for social and private functions, a gymnasium, a swimming pool with changing rooms, and a library and reading room…all for the exclusive use of the inhabitants of this complex.