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The Efficiency and Comfort Apartments

With the idea of developing holistic communities for all, Uttorayon The New Township is bringing Efficiency and Comfort housing units for low income and middle income groups respectively. Spread over 7 acres at the North-East corner of the township, this community housing development will have about 400 units in two sizes, approximately 420 sqft and 700 sqft respectively.

The Comfort apartments will have 2 bedrooms, living-dining, plus, kitchen and toilets. Whereas the Efficiency apartments will house one-bedroom apartments. Efficient planning has allowed maximum light and ventilation in the rooms with minimal space wastage.

Living up to the high standards set for Uttorayon, this new development too is planned as a neighbourhood with large green spaces weaving through all the buildings. Care has been taken to keep vehicular circulation and pedestrian movements separate, allowing the residents to walk and play freely, easily and enjoyably in beautifully landscaped open areas.

All the buildings have a North-South orientation, allowing summer shade and winter sun. The East-West axis is left free for air movement and enhanced ventilation. A large community building with a multipurpose hall to cater to the needs of the community, supports the housing development. In effect, it's a fully self-sufficient neighbourhood catering to all the requirements of future inhabitants.

Bird's eye view of Efficiency and Comfort at Uttorayon


Efficiency and Comfort appartment at Uttorayon... a computer simulated image