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Uttorayon - The Township

Joint venture of Bengal Ambuja Housing Development Limited and Luxmi Township Limited at the Chandmoni Tea Estate, Siliguri. In association with The Government of West Bengal.



The Site

Chandmoni Tea Estate. Over 400 acre on the northern fringe of Siliguri along NH 31. The larger part lies north of the Highway and gently slopes upwards for a panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga, River Chamta and Siliguri town. The smaller part to the south is planned for non-polluting industries, hotels, and other service sector projects. Designed as per the norms of Town & Country Planning Act and based on an environmental impact study.

Our Objective

Uttorayon is planned as a new urban neighbourhood that addresses settlement identity, dynamic and flexible infrastructure, landscape and open space distribution. Through innovative approaches in planning, design and infrastructure provision. It is an ideal environment conserving all natural resources as well as ensuring a high quality life. The planning principles factored in...

Site conditions and climate through built form and road network orientation Sustainable development by optimising natural resources. Appropriate and judicious distribution of open spaces. A clear hierarchy in organising plots, open spaces and activities with flexibility built-in area to cater to the changing needs of the society. Varied and interesting public spaces and building typology.

Vision & Promise


We believe a strong, stable and secure home is the answer to many problems we face today. Our dream is to build homes, not just for a select few but for everyone. Affordable homes built on strong foundations, to bring you closer to Nature, to happiness and to yourself.


We will hand over your unit by the committed delivery date. Failing which, we will compensate you for every month of delay.

  • Prices are fixed and non-escalable
  • The method of allotment will be transparent and equitable
  • We will allocate your unit within 90 days from the last date of receipt of your application
  • We will refund to all unsuccessful applicants their application deposits within 30 days of allotment, along with interest